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Asya Aseeva

As a multidisciplinary artist, I explore the complexities of fear and anxiety and the courage required to overcome them. Through various physical mediums such as painting, sculpture, installations, and textiles, I aim to transform these intangible emotions into tangible objects. Anxiety and courage are like two sides of the same coin, and my work reflects this duality. The fear of nothingness, the anxiety of fate and death, and the threat of emptiness and meaninglessness all find expression in my art as I seek to create a synthesis between the opposites. My art captures the essence of our current era of open anxiety, where we are constantly facing the unknown and navigating uncharted territories. In this century of open anxiety, we must navigate through the obscurity of the unknown, traversing uncharted territories with courage and bravery, where there are no maps or guidebooks to light our way. 


Asya Aseeva is a multidisciplinary artist born in Moscow, Russia, currently based in Barcelona, Spain. Her artistic practice spans across a range of mediums, including painting, sculpture, and the redefinition of traditionally "utilitarian" forms such as jewelry, as well as incorporating traditional "feminine" techniques like embroidery and macramé. Asya is a current graduated from the Institute of Contemporary Art and has exhibited her works in numerous exhibitions, both nationally and internationally. Her works have been collected by private collectors in Russia, France, and Great Britain.


Instagram: de.mon.ame

Circles #1, 30.5x30.5, Embroidery on paper, 2024

"They say the way out is where the entrance is,

But I wander in circles and don't know how to escape.

All that will remain of me are ripples in the water,

And how can I make my ripples meaningful?

I pace the room like a trapped beast,

My thoughts - an endless race in circles.

My work - it's my tears and blood, endless sorrow and unrestrained rage.

Yet, in dreams, I find brief comfort, like a whisper in the wind,

Where reality fades and possibilities bloom,

But upon waking, I'm tethered once more to this room.

But all that will remain of me are ripples in the water."

Circles #2. Acrylic on paper, threads. 30.5x30.5 - Asya Aseeva (1).jpg

Circles #2, 30.5x30.5, Embroidery on paper, 2024

"Dreams wander through worlds of magical minds."

Circles #3. Acrylic on paper, threads. 30.5x30.5 - Asya Aseeva.jpg

Circles #3, 30.5x30.5, Embroidery on paper, 2024

"Dreams are whispered love letters from the heart"

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