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Frank Lahera O'Callaghan

“He was born in Santiago de Cuba and currently resides in Havana. Since he was a child he has been interested in drawing, winning some competitions. While studying his bachelor's degree at Universidad de Oriente, he began to study film and photography on his own, alternating between these visual manifestations. Some time later he graduated from the Faculty of Arts and Audiovisual Communication with a degree in Direction.

He has more than 35 exhibitions, both collective and personal, national and international, where he has obtained recognition in various corners of the world. In his filmography there are more than 25 short films, including fiction, documentaries and experimental films, and feature films that he has created together with highly renowned international filmmakers in the experimental field, which have been shown at various festivals including 30 Instant Video, in France, the III Sarna Festival of Experimental and Emerging Arts, in Chile and the II Enneagrama International Experimental Film Festival, in Argentina, and the Girona Films Festival, in Spain, to name just a few. His works have been presented at international visual arts events, meetings and biennials, including the II Faenza International Video Art Exhibition in Colombia, GetxoPhoto 2019 and 2020, in the Basque Country, Loading Fest in Portugal, the II International Biennial of Contemporary Art del Sur BIENALSUR, ARCOTANGENTE 2016, PhotoEspaña 2020, and 2020, among others. He has exhibited collectively in several countries such as Spain, Portugal, France, Argentina, USA, Colombia, Mexico, Cuba, Nepal, etc., in different visual manifestations. His works have been published in different magazines, including: 100 Grados (Spain), Flotante Mag (Mexico), Astilla en el Ojo (Colombia) and Ephemera 2.0 (USA).

It has won awards such as 3rd Place International Self-Taught Photography Festival FOTOFEST, Honorable Mention Blipoint 2019, Grand Prize for Photography OroImagen 2016, Best Video Art for the First Time 2015 and Grand Prize Salón Santiago Visual Arts Experimentation SAVE 2018, and Honorable Mention at the 35 Girona Film Festival.

He is currently also experimenting with graphic design, performance, video art in several of its subgenres, installation, art-object, live cinema, living arts and painting, among others.


As a creator, what I pursue is the provocation of reflection, the questioning of social, political, artistic, philosophical and spiritual problems, on issues of national and international contexts, always with an experimental approach, searching for new forms and narratives, appealing to a total, hybrid art, where the limits between disciplines are diluted. Search, observation, questioning, questions and the inoculation of possible answers are my way of creation.

Experimenting, breaking barriers, constantly seeking new forms of creation, expansion of thought, in coherent balance with the topics discussed, are my motivation as a creator.”

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Instagram: probetafilmscuba

Murky Waters,32 cm x 32 cm, digital photography, 2023

"T The waters are calm, they are peace, they are the future, but when they are threatened by reality, the existential and temporal dimensions merge, contradict each other, and become contaminated. The future becomes murky waters, and the body carries this fear with it."

At the end of the desert, 32 cm x 46 cm, digital photography, 2022

"They believe in the path of faith, of the infinite desire for tranquility and calm, of coherent human evolution. Dreams have the power to make it possible, to break the chains of physics and surrounding logic."

Not be, 32 cm x 46 cm, digital photography, 2024

"I see you, I feel you, I touch and I observe your gaze, which I can't quite figure out where it is going. You are, but you are not, you exist but I perceive you as a ghost. You visit me and I don't believe it. Where are you? Inside of me? And again?"

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