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Leemour Pelli

"Leemour Pelli is an artist who lives and works in New York City. She is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts (B.F.A., painting), and Hunter College ( Art History).  In 2008, the artist had her first solo exhibition at the Daneyal Mahmood Gallery in New York. Her other recent solo exhibitions include two at the Annina Nosei Gallery in New York in 2004 and 2005. The artist also had a solo exhibition at the Art Gallery of the University of Central Florida in Orlando in 2003. The University published a catalogue, and produced a mini-documentary about the artist and her work. 

Pelli’s recent exhibitions include the Robert Fontaine Gallery in Miami, Kinz Tillou and Feigen Gallery, the Whitney Museum the American Art at Champion, Connecticut, PS1 Institute of Contemporary Art, Long Island City, Spaces Contemporary Art Center in Ohio, and the Artcore Gallery in Toronto. Her work has been reviewed in various publications including ArtForum (2008), Art News, The New York Times, New York Arts Magazine, Tema Celeste, and The Globe and Mail."

"I work in the media of Painting, Sculpture, installations, works on paper, photography, and prints. In my work I focus on human inter-relationships and states of being. I use poetic, anatomical, and medical imagery as an extension of the figure/body to convey human experiences.  By incorporating the latter elements into the work, the paintings often become like x-rays of life, or x-rays of figures or certain situations. This appears in the form of multiple or single figures in heightened states of emotion, state of solitude, creativity, or love and connection. The figures are often merging into one another, and being affected by one another. At times the figures appear with enlarged and out of control hearts, overlapping lungs, and other anatomical organs as an expression of one’s inner realities and dramas. The depths of the human heart and soul are explored within personal and universal struggles and realities. The works are conceived in layers of paint that build up and at the same time disintegrate as an expression of the ambiguous, fragile and temporal nature of human kind."

Instagram: artistcreator15

Artist Fading I and II14" x 11" each canvas total 14" x 22" diptych, oil on canvas, 2022

"This is a diptych. In the first painting a visceral (artist) figure (almost as if crucified on an artist's easel)  is depicted with some kind of depiction of inner organs/lungs. The background is unclear. In the second painting, the figure appears to fade more, and it is as if all is being erased or about to disappear.The painting is about an artist or persona actually fading from sight, or one's life as if but a dream, fading, fading from the public, or in general fading from life and the self. Perhaps one is approaching death. This painting can also be about the fading of the creative powers of the artist, or the fear of losing those powers, and the fading of time and the individual."

Untitled, 60" x 54”,oil on canvas, 2022

"In this painting two figures are depicted in a dream like landscape, with enlarged and out or control anatomical organs, such as the heart, lungs etc. The emotional figures seem to be out of control and in some kind of movement."

Somewhere in Time. True love time. 48" x 36” oil on canvas 2019

"The painting's title was inspired by the movie "Somewhere in Time," which is based on a love story and a love dream between two people that might be from two different time periods. The painting depicts two figures that are connected to one another. Something visceral is transpiring between them, their inner organs (hearts and anatomy) are distorted, enlarged, and in movement. They seem to be growing and disintegrating at the same time. The painting was also inspired by the Robert Frost poem "The Road not Taken." Behind the two figures is a landscape with two different roads or paths that come together and diverge, alluding to choices that one must make in one's lifetime, and that lifetime might be a dream."

TwoHeartsDivergedOnARoad(IstartedPaintingyou beforeYouArrived - leemour pelli.JPG

Two Hearts Diverged on a road. I started painting you before you arrived, 60" x 48” oil on canvas 2020-2019

"This painting was inspired by the Robert Frost Poem Two Roads Diverged, however instead two hearts have diverged. . . and the meaning is purposefully ambiguous. There appears to be a chaotic merging of two figures and their inner souls in a dream like landscape."

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