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Lee Musgrave

Often, in my studio practice I have a sudden, unreflective inclination to respond to an inner psychic, instinctual, irresistible impulse to be adventurous and willing to risk disenchantment. In that moment it is my habit to revisit old uncompleted artworks to challenge myself anew with their poetic resonance. For example, the under-lying images for the completed artworks presented here were initiated over many years beginning in 2015 and yet some-how they reached out to my attentive self for reconsideration, so I impulsively reacted.


In this aesthetic phenomenon I am enveloped in a dreamlike state of sensing imminent but elusive revelations and while the resulting abstract artworks display beauty and visual authority, they also present ambiguous, shifting spatial relationships to reality. Their flat color areas and crisp edged geometric structures suggest digital origins, but most are not, they are the complex visual grammar of the colors, shapes, and forms of found ephemeral objects. Each artwork was developed from constantly juxtaposing bits and pieces of these objects within a composition to arrive at a relationship between psychic balance, tension, and apprehensive harmony.


This interaction stems from my early career attraction to Light and Space art. Thus, creating sharply delineated Constructivist forms teamed with my opposing tendency of embracing Expressionistic textures and movements resulting in the visual richness and dream-like spatial ambiguity within each work. Further, the less than impeccable finish of the lines and planes suggest a world that seems to be merging with the viewer’s space thanks to effects achieved with layers of bits and pieces of cellophane, plastic, paper and wire. Happily, this layering speaks to Abstract Illusionism and goes beyond just fooling the eye it bends the impulses and yearnings of the mind … an aspiration sought and found in my musing.

Instagram: Lee Musgrave_art

Tickled Fancy 3, 23"x16", Archival pigment digital print, 2024

Broken Dream 1, 16”x16", Archival pigment digital print, 2023

Psychic Improvisation 11, 16”x20", Archival pigment digital print, 2024

Blue Rose 5, 6”x20", Archival pigment digital print, 2024

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