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Leonardo Martín Blanc

“Leonardo Blanc was born in 1980 in the city of Cordoba, Argentina. He is an aeronautical technician and professor of physical education, and has a degree in the sciences of physical activity as well as a master in social anthropology. He first began to explore contemporary art in 2011 by participating in collaborative artistic practices with Demolición/Construcción. In May 2014, he was the victim of a traffic accident that left him unable to walk for over three years. This event completely changed his life and his creative processes. In 2018, he won the award Beca Aída Aisenstein, which granted him his first individual show in Buenos Aires. Since then, he has participated in group shows in Washington DC, Miami, Venice, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Spain, Art Basel in Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Santa Cruz, Junin, and more. His works have been published in art magazines in the US, the UK, and Argentina. During his career, he has done various artistic residencies, where he shared workspace with Luis González Palma, Pablo Boneu, Lucrecia Urbano, and other great artists. Through his work, Leonardo aims to captivate and sensitize viewers by creating moments charged with energy.  His first creations were autobiographical. Despite the generous and wise advice from his artist friends and teachers to focus on something specific, he always varied his materials, techniques, and artistic language. It could be said that he is a rebellious artist who aims to explore everything within his reach, putting more emphasis on what he represents and not how he does it. Leonardo currently works as a professor of physical education in the Provincial University of Cordoba. He lives in the nature reserve Los Quebrachitos, Cordoba, where he continues to work on his creative processes by drawing and investigating the topics of space-time, life, death, light, and shadow."

Instagram: blanc.leonardo

Al 1, 135 x 210 mm, mix, 2015

" The impossibility of movement and eternal waiting reminds me of Thoreau's chair, that chair that denotes unbearable loneliness and the inevitable passage through thoughts, dreams and imagination."

Al 2, 230 x 163 mm, mix, 2015

Al 8, 275 x 265 mm, mix, 2015

QuALia, 1210 x 980 mm, mix, 2016

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