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Sergio Repossini

I was born in Milan (Italy) in 1957. I have a background that comes from the scientific field, with a degree in physics.  For many years professor of mathematics and physics in secondary schools in Milan. However, in the course of my work, in addition to dedicating myself to teaching, I have always kept my passion for art alive by making paintings and participating in exhibitions, galleries and art fairs. My artistic inspiration comes from observation of the real world and in the path of investigation I find an affinity between art and science. I prefer a pictorial formula that draws on the tradition of realism of the classical masters, but with personal modulations in the combination of shapes and colors.  The landscape is understood as the perception of a state of mind that is evoked. In recent times I have been creating works of art using an artificial intelligence model trained through the exclusive use of my works.

Instagram: sergio.repossini

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Drerams, Digital art, 2024

" To follow a dream is to embark on a journey where the destination is not a place, but a new way of seeing."

Touching the sky, Digital art, 2024

" Dreams are the echoes of the soul's deepest yearnings, calling us to adventure."

Quiet of the night, Digital art, 2024

"In the quiet of the night, dreams dance in the theater of our imagination."

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