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Skye Wang

“The precondition of being loved, or receiving emotions, pertains to living organisms, such as pets and people. This notion prompts a question about my existence. Can I be perceived as a bare soul? This thought leads me to visualize my soul transcending the physical body, manifesting as irregular shapes figures and disrupting space. Therefore, my work focused on the inorganic self-projection as a doppelganger—a means of healing, companionship, and self-discovery. Through this process, I indirectly explore the essence of my bare soul. Additionally, when these figures existed with my childhood clues, it became an opportunity for self-nurturance, to raise myself as my daughter.”

Instagram: skye__yihanw


The Coordinate of Kiss, 7x10'', watercolor, 2023

Nests, 10x14’’, watercolor, 2023

5010, 14x20’’, watercolor, 2023

Lovers, 10x14’’, watercolor,  2023

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