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Xiangyu Wang

“I'm a London-based digital media artist passionate about how to create poetic or interesting interactive installations, moving images, and performance art by new technologies. I focus on the issues of the relationship between humans and nature and the impact of technology on the future. I use different technologies, digital media, and materials to make multi-sensory art experiences that inspire the audience to reflect on the themes explored in my work.”

Instagram: zachary21121

Error Paradise,virtal work, without physical dimension VR/ Video Game, 2024

 "Error Paradise" is a Video Game and VR experience. All 3D models in this game are generated by text to 3D AI. The protagonist, Zach, decides to abandon his real-life and relocate to a virtual island where everything is generated by AI based on his instructions. Here, there is no deceit, conflict, or disturbance. No disease, pain, or death. No limitations of time and space. He finds squirrels holding pine cones, sofa with TV, and a piano with a piano bench—Here, everything seems idyllic. However, everything is riddled with glitches, biases, and absurdities.


Nowadays,VR devices such as Vision Pro enable the transition from reality to virtual realms, while AI's text-to-3D technology facilitates the creation of high-quality models.In the future, AI might become the primary producer of 3D models. However, these models often come with glitches, misunderstandings, and even biases.

"Error Paradise" aims to explore the impact on our lives when AI can shape our virtual world. What will happen when errors start to influence our lives as we choose to immerse ourselves in a virtual world? Will we unknowingly live in a world full of Errors and biases if we isolate ourselves in this virtual realm?

Paper forest, 0.7mx0.5mx1.5m, installation, 2019

"I was born into a family of collectors, and from a young age, our home was filled with all sorts of antiques, especially ancient texts. Ancient texts are like natural entities imprisoned within human society. They were once trees in the forest, cut down by humans to create paper and tattooed with words, becoming vessels for human culture. The process of collecting them requires isolating these natural entities completely from nature itself. For instance, they need to be shielded from moisture, insects, and light. Thus, the tree's natural metabolic cycle is suspended as it transforms into paper. So, I began to wonder if it's possible to reintegrate ancient texts into the natural metabolic cycle, allowing fungi to once again break them down, ultimately leading to their decomposition and return to the soil.


In my project 'Paper Forest,' I planted mushrooms on a Qing Dynasty ancient text and attempted to break down the text."

Mars Phoenix, 3mx3mx3m, installation, 2023

"Mars Phoenix" is an installation designed for cyborg enthusiasts. Using speculative design to envision a cyborg rite of passage that helps candidates establish their cyborg identity. This project aims to provoke the audience to contemplate whether a new identity will be formed if humans become cyborgs."

Cyberutopia 3mx3mx3m, Video/ performance art, 2023

 "As the mobile internet continues to evolve, we gradually distancing from the tangible reality around us, instead focusing our attention on the seemingly richer and fresher virtual world within our smartphone screens. We've become overly reliant on media to interpret the world, to the point where truth and existence have been supplanted by symbols.We are gradually immersing ourselves in a "hyperreality" world composed of numerical codes, where the meaning of the real world is continually eroding, and we are constantly being shaped and manipulated by the media.


​In this performance,Xiangyu wears a enclosed, retractable face mask for a day, completely isolating themselves from direct sensory perception of the external real world. They can only go about their day by obtaining information through the smartphone inside the mask. Xiangyu poses this question: If humanity were to rely entirely on media and enter a "hyperreal" world shaped by media, what would human life become in this state?"

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