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Zammouli Khadija

“I am a 23-year-old multimedia and cinema artist based in Tunisia. I earned my diploma in Multimedia and Cinema in 2022. Throughout my studies and beyond, I have embarked on numerous creative ventures, including the production of short films and video art projects. Collaborating with fellow Tunisian artists, I have contributed to the local artistic scene, showcasing my work in exhibitions and festivals both at home and abroad. With a passion for exploring diverse mediums and narratives, I continue to captivate audiences with my unique artistic vision.”

Website: -

Instagram: toucherdesyeux

HEADLESS, 1500p, digital photograph, 2023

"In this black and white photograph, a cow appears headless and blurred as it turns its head in motion. This unconventional perspective challenges perceptions of form and identity. The intentional blur adds abstraction, highlighting the transient nature of reality. Inspired by artists who challenge conventions, I aim to push boundaries of representation."

INFINITY, 1500p, digital photograph, 2023

"In "Infinity," the sea becomes an elusive concept, shrouded in a veil of blur. This black and white image challenges our perception of the vastness of the ocean, rendering it almost abstract. The intentional blur creates a sense of mystery, inviting viewers to contemplate the boundless nature of the sea. Through this photograph, I explore the idea of infinity, where the horizon merges with the sky, blurring the boundaries between earth and sky, sea and air."

ALONE, 1500p, digital photograph, 2023

" In "Alone," a solitary tree stands boldly in the center of the frame, stark against the empty field. This black and white image captures the essence of isolation and resilience. The tree, with its branches reaching towards the sky, symbolizes strength in solitude."

FOUR, 1500p, digital photograph, 2023

" "Four" presents a scene of youthful exuberance, with four young people standing in a line at the beach, captured in a moment of play. The image is colored and intentionally blurry, adding a sense of movement and vibrancy. The children, caught in the midst of laughter and motion, create a dynamic and lively composition."

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