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Open Call - Dream

Dreams, an enigmatic realm, an endless playground of imagination. Unfolding in the dark of night, they lead us through time and space, exploring the unknown depths of our souls. In our upcoming artist recruitment event, we invite you to join us in exploring this inspiring theme - "Dreams".

Dreams are both an adventure and a journey of the mind. They can be fiery desires, hidden fears, or indescribable joys. Whether in our daily lives or in the depths of nocturnal visions, dreams manifest in various forms and influence our existence in diverse ways.

In this exhibition, we encourage artists to express their interpretations and imaginations of dreams through various creative mediums. Whether through painting, sculpture, photography, installation art, or other mediums, each artwork serves as a reflection of the artist's inner exploration and courageous expression.

In addition to showcasing artworks, we will integrate quotes from artists about dreams to enrich the exhibition's context. Quotes such as Dali's "Dreams are the unique and exquisite realm of dreaming, the summary of the only reality" or Kahlo's "I paint my own reality, not my dreams" will resonate with the exhibited works, offering deeper insights and experiences for the audience.

We sincerely invite you to join our dreamy journey, to explore the mysteries of dreams and feel their enchanting power. Whether you're an artist or an audience member, you'll find your own journey of dreams in this exhibition. Let's together create a chapter of artistic dreams and compose a song of dreamy art.


·Artists aged 18 and above from all nations are eligible to participate.

·Applicants are encouraged to submit artworks in diverse mediums including painting, sketching, sculpting, ceramics, printmaking, photography, textiles, installations, digital art, mixed media, film, and performance

(jpg and link to the video).

·Artists themselves or art organizations representing artists from any part of the world are invited to make submissions.


Deadline: May 15th , 2024, 11:59 pm EST.


·Artists may submit up to 4 individual works.

·Artists must submit the high quality images. 300 dpi, JPEG/JPG format, maximum file size is 5 mb. Accepted video formats include MOV, MP4, WMV.

·Artist statement and biography must be up to 300 words.


·All selected artists will be notified in the middle of May , 2024.

·All selected work will be displayed in our online gallery.

Submission Fee

There is no submission fee and participation fee for this open call


Pale Space Gallery reserves the right to use images of the artwork on its website and social media. By submitting artwork via this call, the artist agrees to the terms outlined above. Artist retains full copyright of the work. Images will not be used by Pale Space Gallery aside from the print issue, website, interviews, and social media posts.

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